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Bow Princess

Surf's up dude, grab your board!

Halloween Kick-Off party winners!

Partners in Cabo Fun - Anais & Maddie

Schmoozing with the Grand Poohbah in Bahia Santa Maria

First Keeper (of many) - Yellow Fin-yum

Just hanging around the cockpit

Clowning around on a passage!

Los Muertos-Catch of the Day-Dorado

Perfecting the art of Dinghy Surfing-La Paz

Playing in the waves

Horseback riding at Capoma Ranch

Christmas Morning

Homework is more fun with a friend!

A schoolday on Persistence

Vela's first sail!

Swinging off the pole on Denali

John's turn!

CAUGHT - showering on deck in the dark!

Wave play in Tenacatita

Watching for the green flash!

Polishing a little brass

Carnaval Romance - Daniel y Anais!

Daniel and Anais - trying to avoid the mom and pop-arazzi!

Tom says goodbye to Anais before she straps on the parasail

Up she goes...

..and back unscathed!

Now it's naptime.

Surfing Barra

Big Waves - Big Fun!

Anais and...

..her Booby Buddy!

Hanging around the pool - Paradise Village

Anais cooling her heels at the Regatta Party

Tanning underway!(Booby poopy target!)

OH's yum!

Blustery night fishing

Dinghy sailing - Marina Mazatlan

Sharing a pair of earrings with John!

Beach everywhere!! Partida

Prickly and Pricklier! in Ballandra

Whisker pole fun

Last chance for the perfect tan - San Carlos

Friends at Spa Persistence!

A new wakeboard-06

A new way to have fun!

Hangin' around!

Watching for the perfect set!

Surfing Playa Linda
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