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My Inspiration - My Dad
Cap'n Grandpa

Dan & Georgie - Our Mexico Crew
Looking forward to sunnier days!!

Packed and ready!

Leaving LA - October 23, 2004

Landing the Big One! with Georgie's help!!

Wahoo !!! 38# of it

Dinghy parking at Turtle Bay (ours is the gray one!)

Friends ordering refrescos at the cantina - TB

Lobster dinner in Turtle Bay (with a friend!)

Dorado is on the menu in Los Muertos!

Dan with Anais and Maddie-enjoying Cabo

Lola's friend Quinn (w/Erik, Terry & Tom) checking Don's Weather for the crossing!

The great beach and anchorage at Los Frailles

Brunch at Quitos in Frailles

Frailles native!

Fun in Frailles!!

Sunrise in the Frailles anchorage

Playing with dolphins

Sunrise on the Sea-my favorite time of day..

..especially when the dolphins come to play

Everyone gets in on the Christmas fun

..even Mom and Dad!

Rosie enjoys Christmas

and a walk on the beach with Dad.

Holiday Visitors - John and Maria

and Russell

Rosie looking good on a horse!

Cows watch as we ride by

Waterfalls and hanging bridges on our hike

The hardest working of all the ranch hands!

Newest crew member - Vela Vienta

Hard at play

Lola, learning to cope!

Do I have to?

Our friends Ivan, Jesus & Tony - "Aviva"

Tony & Wharf

Wharf fishing!

Vela, learning the ropes

Do you feel as sick as I do?

Busy Birds - La Cruz

Bottle Band at Philo's - La Cruz

Lola skimboarding Chemala!

Soccer in Chemala

Anais & John snorkeling Isla Colorado

Isla Colorado

Persistence & Mystique - anchored Isla Colorado

Vela discovers the fish!

Dinghy Dog - always ready!

Mystique flying the gennaker

The Anchorage at Tenacatita

John & Scott on the "Jungle Ride"-Tenacatita

More jungle fun!

Watching for crocs off the bow

Lola going for toes on the tail

Tenacatita - sunrise on one side..

...moon set on the other (over Mija)

Denali on the hook - Santiago

Skipjack - Fun to catch, not to eat!

It's a sailfish!

and it's huge

Now what do we do?

It's been fun - bye!

Caleta de Campos

beautiful all around

Breakwater - Caleta de Campos

Just another perfect sunrise - Isla Grande

Isla Grande Anchorage

Another Isla Grande - Denali Sunrise


1 more sunset - Zihuatanejo

SailFest - Zihuatanejo

Anais & Kate - waiting to race.

Getting ready to deploy the chute


The race is on (Persistence far R)

more racing

pulling ahead of a few!

They're off - Dinghy Poker Race

Will Dance for Food - Dinghy Raft Up!

Will Schmooze for Food - Dinghy Raft Up!

Bake sale girls - Chili Cook-Off

Mariachis at the Chili Cook-off

Showing our Colors at the Sail Parade

What a sight!

Salute for the Capitan de Puerto

Capitan de Puerto

Beach Party Volleyball


We enjoyed a dance show

and great tamales

at ANY's in Zihuatanejo

There were rope tricks

a singer

and even..

..a cockfight.

There were free shots of mezcal

after which Paul, from "Carmelita", was ready to sing!

One weekend we rode up into the hills of Zihuatanejo

to help work on the only school for the indigenous Indian children

This is the kindergarten

it is attended by 80 students


Anais and Kate

Tom and I

along with many parents & kids

and even Lola

painted desks

and bookshelves

and cleaned and organized classrooms
It felt great to help

At anchor in Zihuat - La Ropa Beach

We enjoyed Carnaval Zihuatanejo
The crowning of the Ugly King!

Phloey got a new bowl

and Vela has learned Kitty Fetch!

John, Maria, Matt, Fred & Cher
all come from Humboldt to visit

John, Matt & Tom on Denali

John gets a massage

and a manicure

while Matt goes parasailing

and Maria gets braids!

Cher and Maria harness up

and enjoy Zihuat from the air!

Fred just loves sharing sea stories!

John and Maria enjoying ANY's

We all enjoyed it

especially when John was part of the show!

A Mexican busride

and dinner at Pollocoa with friends

Vela with the other souvenirs!

Denali looking pretty on a passage

Persistence looking good too

John showing off 2 fish at once!

Best sunrise yet

waiting to go into Las Hadas

Las Hadas

Barra de Navidad

Pat getting some kitty love

The Bird Sanctuary off Chemala


and Boobys

and cactus abound

A view from the top

Booby buddies

and cactus butts!

Science class in the field

and on the beach!

Paradise Village-Our company at the docks

and in the tub

Day 1 Banderas Bay Regatta

Tom & Lola race dinghies

Trying to get past Mike

Lola watching for fouls

Banderas Bay Regatta Entertainment

Big Boat Race Parade

Crossing the start line

the race is on


Doug and Stan checking the sail trim

Doug controlling the main sheet

Anais and John - grinding

Anais and Stan - grinding

Flying the chute

The skipper

Keeping track of everything

Now what do I do?

Strategy conference

John concentrating on the race

Tom "Misty Sea" on a committee boat

Another good start

more gennaker practice

coming up on the mark

passing the committee boat

The crew partying after the last race

Fun for everyone

Thomas and Anais with the Regatta "Queen"!

"Finisterre"-Mike and Kay - winners in their class!

Richard Spindler taking charge on "Profligate"

"Something Wicked"-The overall winner and only boat to finish on Day 3!

Lola feeling like a star in her new bed

Vela decided...

Lola should share!

Tom's old surf spot - Mantanchen Bay

On the hook!

Baby booby hitching a ride to Mazatlan

Vela has learned to sleep anywhere

Presidente Fox comes to Marina Mazatlan!

Lake Sea of Cortez

Turn me around - I wanna see

arghh! Not what I meant!!

Caleta Partida

anchorage - Partida

Lola and Stan playing in Partida

Stan and Rhea - "Vagari"

All puffed up in Partida

Beach Buddies!

I know you're in there!!

Sunrise Evaristo

Vagari at anchor in Evaristo

Greetings from Baja

Agua Verde

more Agua Verde

Mushroom rock-Agua Verde anchorage

awesome Agua Verde!!

No guessing why it's called Agua Verde!

Cave exploration - AV

Beach combing AV

Lola's new addiction - CRABS!

Roca Solitaria

Vagari underway

Prickly Pear flower - Ballandra

Ballandra Anchorage

Gnometime in Ballandra

Dolphin Show

underway to San Juanico

They love to play

and we love to watch

What fun

right at our bow

San Juanico

Cruisers Shrine - San Juanico

San Juanico anchorage

San Juanico

San Juanico bathing beauties!

Sunrise San Juanico

Pulpita Anchorage

Obsidian Bluffs - Pulpita

Whale Tail - San Carlos

Saying goodbye for the season (sigh)-SanCarlos

Tetas de Cabra - San Carlos (teats of goat-for Julissa!)

April 21,2005 Sad Day

We try to prepare

Up she comes

Tom checks the position

Like a fish out of water

Rolling down the road

Stan's turn

to sadly watch

Everyone feels pretty displaced

Persistence joins the others

Until next Season

Just wake me when it's over!
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