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Leaving Northen CA - Alameda

The long ride to San Carlos



and moonset

from Gringo Pete- San Carlos

Getting clean...


and ready to go

Yes please


afloat again at last!

Marina San Carlos sunset...

and sunrise

Tetas de Cabra from the cockpit

Bon-Voyage dinner with Jesus & Elvia...

Tony's parents!

dos amigos-Listo!

Tonio's 1st watch!

Looking for wind

Enjoying a calm crossing

Anxious for land

Watching for the harbor entrance

1st stop Santa Rosalia

Santa Rosalia's main intersection

at Eiffels's church

Eiffle's modular church

Shipped from an Expo in Paris

with a stopover in Belgium!

In front of Santa Rosalia Y.C.

and the view of the harbor

adios Santa Rosalia!

Lunch underway

Lola's turn at the helm

Maestro y estudiante

The Tequila dance...



...for shots

... of Tequila!

Even Lola!!!

We're there-


Bahia Concepcion

Islands in the Bay

The Lagoon

Fishing the tidepools

Downtown Santispac

The most amazing palapas

Our own private anchorage

and our own beach

complete with hot springs

which we enjoyed

a lot!

Grr- Food!

Big Game fisherman

Tonio-mi cocinero

Our departure from Bahia Concepcion

was not too comfortable

But, an anchorage like San Jaunico

helps you forget!

working on this years addition

to the cruisers shrine

San Juanico

Breathtaking wherever you look!

moon in the rigging

Raise the main sail

We're off again

Good day for a genaker run

and a quick trip to Puerto Escondidio

The sun goes down on the mountains...

and me.

At sunrise...

the show begins





in every direction

Sometimes I drive-

sometimes I just cuddle the kids!

-mas grande? maybe

passages are a good time to read...

study a chart

or hide under a blanket!

Puerto Gato

like our own private Grand Canyon

Gordo Gata a Puerto Gato

Enjoying the scenery

and a view from the top

The view!

Rey Antonio!

Erosion Art

Mi hijo especial

At anchor

A time to reflect

Flying wing'n'wing

At last dorado

make that


Santisma y Persistence at isla San Francisco

El capitan - primo de Tonio- hermano de Ivan

La playa Isla San Francisco

mas pescado

mucho mas

Last sunset- La Paz
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