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-The first leg!

-Dan replaces the spreader boots.

-Anais's souvenir from La Paz

-First stop Mazatlan

-Mazatlan has something

for everyone!

Seafood from "Las Tres Hermanas"

A Road trip

Fine Dining -

- el fresco!




y erotico !

Surf at playa Bruha

Drive-thru cerveza !

Expeditions of all kinds

Mazatlan HAS THE FUN

Adios Mazatlan

Family Portrait

Cafe with a friend

Beauty underway

Sierra - Yum!

Isla Isabela

Las Monas

Anchored at Las Monas

View from the beach

at Isla Isabela

A frigate -

and booby sanctuary

Frigate Families

in every tree

a baby in nearly every one

Resting tired wings!


Enjoy a sunny spot

in groups

and alone

All sorts of creatures- crawling


and just hanging around!

The research facility

Crater Lake

el lago

Not so wild cockpit creature!

Whale in the anchorage waving!

Roca Blanca

A shark?!

Better- a WHALE shark

one really BIG mouth!

one REALLY BIG fish!

This is a little one!

Mantanchen Bay - San Blas


La Contaduria

an old Spanish fort

houed the colonial accountants

and maritime customs office

There is also the remains

of an old Spanish Church

some restoration is being done


and out.

Super Bowl Sunday!

Complete with a band

Banana Bread a San Blas specialty

A roadside chappel

A walk on the beach

A jungle boat ride

with a tip if we're good?!


y cocodrilos


cocodrilo hatchlings

The swimming hole

Beautiful -

and fun!

Lola fish watching!

Sunset Mantanchen Bay

On our way again!

"La Cruz"


Out for a walk

around the square

"La Cruz" at La Cruz

Shopping the Cualle - P.V.

A handsome Cualle resident

La Cruz to Puerto Vallarta

Good Friends! Heading in to Chemela

La playa - Chemela

Pizza memories from last year!

Heading for isla Colorado

watching for a dive spot.

This looks good

Uhoh- hairtie overboard rescue

A crevice to checkout

Anais is not so sure

but with encouragement

she conquered her fears!

Adios Isla Colorado!

Flying Fish!

Underway again

some cool places

as we made our way

studying the chart

wathching for landmarks BIG

and not so big


on the beach

at anchor

and across the bay

Moon rise

Heading for the river

always lots of birds

and a nice ride

with a good driver

Gets you to fun

if you're a dog

or in the mood for a Corona!

or looking for a snorkel spot.

A SERIOUS river-pilot!


got a new wakeboard

and enjoys

the new challenge!

On the way again

Into Barra de Navidad

Isla Marina

The town of Barra

We stayed in the Marina

The facilities

were very luxurious

A 3 level pool

with slides in between

and a swim-up bar.

Anyone having fun??

Dan hiked up above

He could see it all-the Lagoon Anchorage

The surf spot

and quiet beauty too!

Surfs up!

until sundown

Beautiful waves

amazing scenery

A perfect end to a perfect day!

Dan spends his last day with new friends!

A flower for Georgie- we miss her

Goodbye Barra

Jelly fishing!

Succes - a bowl full of jellies!!

Fishing excitement!

A 20 # Jack Crevalle

He's a big one


Back at Zihua

Making dinner


Having fun



Sunset Zihua

Turtle Love next to the boat!

Getting ready for tubing- Yee ha!

Tube girl!

Tube boy!

Upside down kitty

Moon rise Zihua

Another toy

The race is on

Waiting at the finish line

but Tom doen't look too pressured!

Spanish class with Shirley

Night Herons

Nocturnal visitors in Zihuat

Our coati friend Nacha

waits for her daily banana

and a chance to tickle my neck


Nacha's parrot friend

and the croc next door

waiting for an unsuspecting tourist.

Please play with me ?

let me check your hair

and your necklace

ok- now check mine

Scratch right there

what do tennis balls have inside?!

You guys are fun!

our 1st tortillas de maiz

y arroz con leche

Both yummy!

On our way north

There's nothing like sunset...

... underway

Vela enjoying Santiago anchorage

A fishing boat passing close!

Sometimes a hatch is a cat door!

Now for the tortillas de harina


& stretch

Entertainment for the grand opening

of the Punta Mita Surf & Yachtclub

Whose motto is...

Surf all morning- Sail all afternoon

Tom explains how he got his surfboard stuck on the bus-

While Richard eats limes!

All backed up

by a fabulous sunset

at the Punta Mita anchorage

Tom getting in good with Commodore Donna

John & Thomas are not too impressed

All in all - everyone had fun!

Lola watching in La Cruz

The view from within.
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