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Jumping off the boat is scary
Diving in the Delta
BRRR !!!!!
Hooray presents
It's Christmas on Persistence

Enjoying the view at Turtle Bay

Fishing can be hard work!

Partying on the table at squid roe!

More partying at squid roe!

Who is that masked man!(snorkeling-LaPaz)

Headlamp fishing in Los Muertos

Learning the art of saw playing

Perfecting all the techniques!

Dinghy surfing - Los Frailles

Go-Karts - Christmas present fun!

Red Hot Christmas boxers!

A school day on Persistence

Science and entertainment at Philo's - La Cruz

Snorkel Buddies - Isla Colorado

Studying the guide for Zihuatanejo

Even Thomas found Carnaval Romance - Natty

Thomas looking handsome in his ANY's cowboy hat!

Thomas with the "Tea Leaves" girls - Jessi and Kristi

Thomas' friend Sophie - "Nanoo"

Enjoying Partida

Partida bathtub!

Whisker pole fun

Obsidian Miners - Pulpito

A woodworking project

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