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Cutting the docklines

Most journeys begin with a dream.
Mine began with someone else's.

Lot's of us fantasize about sailing off
into the sunset, we bought a boat !

There are those we leave behind
that is the hardest for me.


Our Accountant-Rosie

Mom & Dad Hoffman
Faith, Rosie, Melody, Ayden & Riley

Girls Day Out

The mule that carried the refrescas for our ride

A rare relaxing moment - alone - aboard!

Even I had a shot of mezcal at ANY's!

In front of "Wendy's Luncheria"

John - a great new friend!

Cockpit buddies

Flaming birthday fun - YUM!

My Happy Birthday with my special kids!

and the grown-ups!

Jesse in his own tropical paradise!?

Tom's revenge to "Asleep at the wheel"

Underway to San Juanico

Exploring at San Juanico

Cockpit Girls!

Internet in the anchorage Zihua

Trying the new hamaca!
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